Wild Wild West
September 1-3, 2023

Our Distinguished Guests of Honor - 2023

Fursuit Guest - Xero


Our first Guest of Honor, Xero has been an integral part of the Oklahoma community. They also are known for their participation in dance competitions!

“Hey, my name is Xero! I’m a fursuit maker and dancer local to Oklahoma! I have 20+ fursuits and counting under my belt and have been creating them since 2017, starting with my personal suit Xero! I’ve danced at both TTFC and AnEx here in OK and placed 1st at TTFC 2019 and 2nd at AnEx 2022. I’ve also been a judge for TTFC 2022 and soon to be AnEx 2023!”

Twitter: @ThatFurryLoser
Instagram: @DragonLilyCreations

Artist GOH - Michele Light

Michele Light
Hi! I’m Michele Light, long time furry artist and graphic designer. I was very happy to be asked by TTFC to be one of their guests of honor this year, they sprang it on me in the dealer’s room at the 2022 show. Luckily, I was able to squeeze in one more picture that weekend, which became the wanted poster on the home page. Many people remark to me “I’ve seen your art somewhere before,” which is easy to do. I’ve been drawing for the fandom since 1992 and have appeared in countless comics, art books and websites. My personal website and store have been active since 1996 and I have drawn well over 1,000 images for sale as prints, portfolios, calendars, you name it. I’ve been doing convention sketches and badges for nearly 30 years so I’m sure you’ve seen a piece of mine somewhere. I’ve now been in the fandom long enough to be the “gateway” for a whole new generation of furry fans. I’ve been drawing my whole life! My early creations were on the walls and furniture of government housing as my family travelled with my dad’s military assignments. Sadly, most of my early works had to be destroyed when dad repaired the furniture before moving. I attended the Seattle Art Institute to get my degree in graphic design. I did a brief stint on the Saturday morning cartoon “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes,” where I met fellow fandom artist Terrie Smith. She showed me her art for the furry fandom, and she drew me in. She was my gateway into this amazing world where I’ve been happily living for the past 30+ years. I was also lucky enough to make a living as a graphic designer, spending a little over 20 years as a web designer for Verizon.
I never thought I’d still be drawing for furries so long after I started, but it’s still a blast and I never tire of meeting all of you and helping your own furry visions come to life. I’m very much a grey muzzle at this point but I love introducing more fans into our worlds. Please stop by the dealer’s room, or check out my panel schedule, and make sure to say “Hi!” Forever Drawing, Michele Ligh