Furries In Space!
Aug. 30th - Sept. 1st

Our Distinguished Guests of Honor

Luthien Nightwolf

Luthien Nightwolf is a traditional artist who has lived in Oklahoma since 2009. She found the fandom shortly after moving to Tulsa, and found an immediate fit for her style of art. At first it was purely for hobby, but in 2010 it became her full-time profession and she has been supporting herself from commissions ever since.  

Her favorite subject matter is Fantasy, particularly faeries and other magical beings tied to nature. Luthien adores all things green and leafy, and always tries to bring nature into her work whenever she can. She especially enjoys art nouveau style for its flowing lines and natural motifs, and this theme pops up in her art often. She uses Copic marker, colored pencil, gel pens, scrapbook paper, stickers and even glitter to bring her creations to life. She is most known for character portraits but also likes to make adopts and design clothing and houses for her own characters.

When she isn’t making art, Luthien likes to dabble in her other hobbies, which include gardening, houseplants, terrariums, pet rats, watching drag queens on TV, and restyling fashion dolls. She enjoys being in nature and often collects little trinkets from the outdoors, such as pretty rocks or feathers. When the gaming urge hits, she likes cozy farming games and Minecraft. She shares her home and life with her husband Pachua, who she met in 2012 and married in 2022.

Luthien’s art can be found on Furaffinity and she also runs a Patreon page to connect with her followers more closely.

Content Creator:
Finn The Panther

Finn the Panther is a content creator who specializes in explainers about the furry fandom. Starting with a podcast recorded in his college dorm room closet (The Furry Explained Show), he has grown his audience to over 100k followers across platforms. Now focusing on long-form explainers on YouTube accompanied by short-form videos on platforms like TikTok and Twitter, Finn combines education and entertainment in his content while sharing his passion about the furry fandom to the world.

As a software engineer by day, Finn found a love for producing content as a creative alternative to his regular job, and has found a niche for himself making high quality content about the furry fandom. This idea expanded when he received his fursuit in the spring of 2023, where shortly after he converted his content from audio to video with his YouTube channel. The topics of his videos range from fursona design, fursuit ownership explainers, and furry convention tips. He is also the creator of Furry for 30, a month-long series of videos covering a specific topic about the furry fandom for 30 days in a row.

If there’s one thing that Finn loves talking about just as much as the furry fandom, it’s creating content. As such, Finn will be hosting two panels on content creation at TTFC, one on how to get started with creating content, and a second on how current content creators can take their creative output to the next level.

Citrine Husky

Citrine husky is a 31-year-old from Central Indiana. He is a fursuiter, comedian, singer-songwriter and multiple instrumental musician.He was born in 1993 and was diagnosed as being permanently legally blind at Birth.

At the age of three he received his first piano for Christmas. Over the next several years he began learning more instruments as he began performing with his father’s band across the state of Indiana.

Throughout Middle School he acquired instruments such as mandolin, fiddle, harmonica, accordion, Bass and more. It was around this time in 2005 that citrine wrote his very first song and since then he has never stopped writing.

After High School in 2012 he discovered the furry fandom thanks to a well-known classic rock band called sticks. Soon after he began attending conventions and Performing original music publicly.

To this day he has attended nearly 50 furry conventions over the past decade and has been guest of honor for conventions such as Fur Reality, FurTheMore and MCFC. He has performed alongside Fox Amoore, Pepper Coyote, Bucktown Tiger, Alkali, Uncle Kage and many more and is ecstatic about performing here for us this weekend.

Along with his numerous panels you can catch him in our dealers Den selling his CDs to take home with you as a souvenir. Please come up and say hi he would be delighted to meet you and is very friendly.

Just remember to acknowledge Him before you go in for a hug because remember he is blind.

Guests of Honor

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