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Oklahoma'sFUZZIESTHotel Furry Convention

Tulsa, Oklahoma     Sept. 3rd - Sept. 5th 2021

2021 Pre Registration Opens In...

#TTFC2021 Commences In...

Pre-Registration Alert!!!

#TTFC2021 Pre-Registration AND Hotel room block will open on Monday, February 1 at 12:00pm CST!

Room rates and ticket prices can be found on our Registration Info page, starting at $115 per night (excluding taxes)!
We missed you so much! However, it's time to take another SWING at those dapper moves as we prepare for the return of Tulsa's only (and Oklahoma's FIRST) hotel-based convention for Anthro fans!

How you can get involved!
Volunteer to staff with us! Staff Application
Volunteer for our charity: Safari's Sanctuary
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What's Next?
In the coming weeks we will be announcing some very important dates!

The safety and wellbeing of our staff and convention goers is our #1 priority. We are working closely with our venue, local authorities, and our amazing planning team to ensure we can host a safe event that is fun for everyone!

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